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Press Ready Pdf's .

The paper parts (Booklets, DVD Covers and Inlays etc) that are printed for your job are produced from Hi Resolution Press Ready PDF's .
Please submit your artwork as press ready pdf's prepared correctly and to the artwork size and spec that we require.

Crop & Registration Marks.

You won't need to show crop or reg marks but if you do, please ensure the marks are off-set by 12pt so that they don't print over your design, they can run up to it but should not print over any part.
See the example image below, it's a low res Jpeg image of a prepared rear inlay showing crop and registration marks in the correct position.
Note they run up to the design but does not print over it.

If you're not sure simply leave them off, they are not needed as your artwork is placed in CTP templates which already contain them.
Rear Inlay showing crop & reg marks
The crop marks are set to 3 mm which will be trimmed off. The registration marks are so the printer can line the CMYK plates up for accurate printing.

As I said above, don't worry too much about these, they are not needed by us.

Disc On Body Print PDF's .

The disc on body print does not require any crop marks as there is no bleed needed, it does however require registration marks.

Supplying Press Ready PDF's

You can also supply your artwork as Press Ready High Resolution PDF files. This is a great way to work, you won't need to worry about supplying fonts or which platform (Mac or PC) your artwork was created on.
However they need to be produced very carefully all the same issues apply, a min of 300dpi reolution and all coloured images must be cmyk.

If you have a program that can export press ready file please use the setting PDF/X-1a
This will produce a press ready file and should also embed all the fonts.

We will prepare them for you.

Don't worry too much if this all seems a bit heavy going, we'll produce the pdf's for you from your supplied artwork, just ensure you've followed our guidelins and supplied your artwork to tyhe correct spec that we require.
You should make sure you've read our Artwork General Info notes.

Send Us Your Press Ready PDF's.

Your press ready pdfs may well be too big for sending via email. Simply upload them directly to our drop box

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