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Artwork requirements for CD & DVD Production.

This is an area where most delays occur so great care should be taken in the preparation of your artwork. This is something you can do yourself, however you will have to pay attention to some basic rules and your measurements will need to be accurate.
If you are unable to carry out the design work yourself, for a very reasonable price from £60.00 + VAT we'll layout and prepare your artwork from your guidelines to the exact specifications required. We'll supply you with draft pdf's for you to approve.
Please check the details provided available from the menu, you should be able to find all the information you need to produce the artwork yourselves.


If you're supplying artwork for CD Pressing or DVD Pressing all artwork supplied will have to be supplied prepared for CMYK printing.
That's 4 colour printing C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow and K = Black.
If you've converted artwork from RGB format you will need to be careful that the black areas do not exceed 300% ink coverage
you can find a detailed explanation of Ink Coverage here.

Artwork requirements.

Please supply artwork as press ready pdfs. You won't need to show crop or reg marks but if you do, Please ensure the crop & reg marks are offset so they do not print over the image.
See this page for an example of how to use crop marks
We can accept artwork as images, tiff or Adobe Photoshop psd file. If you supply your artwork as images we'll be happy to drop them into our templates for you at no extra charge providing they need no further work at this end. Please see Image Requirements below for more info.

Printers Pairs

Artwork for booklets have to be supplied as printers pairs, follow this link for a full explanation. Printers Pairs.

Image Requirements . (Supply Un-Flattened)

All images must be a min resolution of 300 dpi and in CMYK format, all coloured images must be in CMYK format not RGB.
Please supply them as native psd (Photoshop) or Tiff un-flattened files which will allow us easy acces to the individual layers should we need to make any adjustments to fit our templates.
Do not use Jpeg format. If you save as a jpeg image it will flatten the image and you will lose all your layers. Jpeg format will also compress the file and discard information each time it is saved so it will gradually lose some quality. Always use Tiff or if using photoshop,  the native psd file format.


Unless you're sending press ready pdfs with your fonts embedded you'll need to supply every font used in your design. Simply copy them from your systems fonts folder into the folder where you have stored all your artwork files and burn them to CD to send to us.
We may well already have the standard ones but it's best to send them all.
This essential for us to be able to output your text as vector based which will ensure crisp printing of the text on the finished artwork.
Please note the following.
For commercial printing the smallest font size we'd advise you to use is 6pt. Do not use bold by clicking the bold button in your program unless you have a bold version of the font installed in your fonts folder.
You can however do this if using Photoshop or any image editing software as the final result will be in the form of an image and the text will be pixel based not vector as in Quark Expess.

Genral Artwork Information.

Your design must conform to the layout specification, this is to ensure that the machines will be able to assemble all the parts. Incorrect artwork will be rejected by the plant, this will cause delays and add to the cost. Check the specifications available from the menu.

Please note: It is your responsibility to supply correct artwork and we cannot be held responsible for problems with the finished product if our guidelines are not met.

Catalogue No:
You will need to give your CD a catalogue number of at least six letters or numbers, e.g. MJMCD1201, This is important and should be placed on your design. It assists the plant to schedule and track your job and also gives you a reference number. In the case of this example, MJM stands for MJ Music on CD format, the year is indicated in 12 and 01 means the first for 2012.

3mm Safe Rule.

Remember the 3mm safe rule. No text or detail should be placed closer than 3 mm to trimmed edges or folds, this ensures no loss of detail etc in the folding, trimming process.

Press Ready PDF's.

If possible please supply your artwork as Press Ready High Resolution PDF files. This is a great way to work, you won't need to worry about supplying fonts or which platform (Mac or PC) your artwork was created on.
However they need to be produced very carefully all the same issues apply, a min of 300dpi reolution for all images and all coloured images must be cmyk.  Fonts are to embedded.

If you have a program that can export press ready file please use the setting PDF/X-1a
This will produce a press ready file and should also embed all the fonts. See more info here Press Ready PDFs

Send Us Your Files.

Simply send us all your files on a disc along with all fonts etc. You can use our drop box page to send us large files as long as they are in the correct format

If you're not sure or need to clarify anything just give us a call during office hours 09.30 - 5pm on 01553 617546.

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