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What is it they say, you can never have too many fonts. Specialist fonts for CD & DVD production are not so plentyful. Below you can download two useful ones for free and you'll find a link to buy an amazing collection for only £8.00. You should then have all the specialist fonts you'll need.

Having the correct font is most important for printing onto the disc itself. Unlike the printing of your booklets & inlays which uses Litho Print, most on body printing is done using screen print which also does a great job especially where vector text is used. Having the correct symbol as a font will enable the symbol to be output as vector based and will result in clear crisp print.

Vector based images and text, are scalable to any size without loss of sharpness. If you produce the on body design in Quark, In Design or other vector based DTP (Desk Top Publishing) programs you'll ensure that your text remains sharp on the disc print.

Adobe Illustrator is probably the most famous vector based image program, we can accept files in this format too, please supply as native illustrator files or you can export them from illustrator as eps files. As always please ensure you supply us with all the files you've used and mark clearly if the design was produced on a PC or Macintosh computer. I's safer if you're not sure to supply the native Illustrator files.

You can also produce the design in Photoshop, please supply as an unflattened native psd file or tiff image with all the layers intact along with all the fonts you've used in your design. This essential for us to be able to output your text as vector based which will ensure crisp printing of the text on the finished artwork.

Two useful fonts to help you out.

I found these two fonts on the web a few years ago, I have no idea where they came from or who owns them. As far as I know I'm not breaking the law by letting you have them for free. If you know who owns them please let me know, I'll be happy to supply a credit and link to them.

The first is a simple little font called Circles, from the sample picture below you'll see why, it's simply the circled symbols that are often used on artwork.

Right click on any of the symbols to download a zip file containing both fonts. Or Download the font zip file here.

The second font has more symbols and I've found it to be very useful, it's called discmaker and has many useful symbols for both cd & cassette.

Right click on any of the symbols to download a zip file containing both fonts. Or Download the font zip file here.

The Best Commercial Font I've Seen .

This collection of fonts is the best I've seen for CD or DVD production, it comes from Sure Thing, we use their excellent CD Label program for printing direct onto our duplicated discs. This collection has a huge number of must have symbols and a very useful user guide. It is available for macintosh or windows, see the example below. The first is a very small sample of the cd font, the second the dvd.


Just click on any of the symbols to visit the page and find out all about this fabulous collection of fonts. There are stack of symbols and I believe it only costs about $14.95 which is only about £8.00 well worth every penny.

Don't use Too Many.

Try not to use too many different fonts in your design, stick to two or three at the most, it will look far more professional and be much easier to read.

Unless you're supplying press ready pdfs, please remember to supply us with any fonts you've used in your design.
The smallest font size we'd advise you to use is 6pt.

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